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Conservative, contrarian, anti-establishment. All describe The Cornell Review.

The Cornell Review is a media brand that encompasses this website, a print publication, video journalism, and a radio talk show. We run a lean shop with a small number of students highly dedicated to exposing to the campus and to the nation the various forms of liberal and leftist bias, abuse, and malfeasance at Cornell, as well as student and administrative corruption.

While we generally align with conservative or libertarian principles, there are no political or philosophical prerequisites to joining the Review. All that is required of members is a passion for writing and debate and a commitment to challenging the status quo here on campus.

We are always looking for more driven, opinionated, and fearless individuals to join and contribute in the ways they are best suited to. If you’re interested in joining or learning more, see here.

On this site, we encourage open forum discussion and dissension of ideas. Please feel free and comfortable to post comment replies to any article, as we only ask a few things: please keep all debate and discussion professional and refrain from personal attacks and vulgar language.