About Those Macbooks… (Read If You’re An Anti-Israeli Hypocrite)

In 2010, it was reported 70% of incoming college students used Macs. At a college like Cornell, one can surmise the percentage of anti-Israeli students supporting Boycott, Sanctions, and Divestment (BDS) is about the same. Chances are, there is a lot of overlap between the two groups. It may or may not be shocking to you, but this cross-section of the Apple-loving, Israel-hating student body is composed of hypocrites. Why? Apple products and the company itself are deeply intertwined with Israelis and Israel. Any truly anti-Israeli student would be quick to dump his or her Apple products. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook greeting Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. Image source: AppleInsider


First, all of Apple’s most well-known products, including iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks, all use flash technology developed by a former Israeli start-up called Anobit. Back in 2012, Apple acquired this company because of how crucial the flash memory chips it produces are to Apple products, and after the acquisition Anobit’s Israeli chip engineers represented more than 10% of Apple’s chip engineering workforce. Apple also recently acquired another Israeli tech company called PrimeSense, which develops sensors and motion-detection and 3D scanning applications.

Second, in August last year Apple announced a few additions to its executive team, including an Israeli-Arab named Johny Srouji who is now the Vice President of Hardware Technologies. Srouji is a graduate of Technion University in Israel, the same university Cornell is partnered with in the development of the Cornell Tech Campus in New York City. Technion is also a university that is directly harmed by academic boycotts against Israel, like that of the American Studies Association.

Third, Israel runs three R&D centers in Israel. One is Anobit’s, and the other two are R&D centers located in prominent Israeli industrial and technology zones. If Apple continues to produce more great products in the future, you can count of some of the newest features being originated in these research centers located in Israel.

Liberal and leftist students at Cornell and across the country are enamored with their Apple products. Though they say they are anti-capitalistic, they are all-too eager to purchase Apple products in the free market. Though they support BDS which seeks to end the Israeli state, they are all-too eager to purchase products developed in-part in Israel or by Israelis. So now whenever you see an Israel-basher sporting Apple products, you know what to tell them and get ready to watch them squirm.