Another Frat Bites the (Temporary?) Dust

Sigma Pi fraternity house on West Campus. Image via Cornell.

Update: Sig Pi's suspension was lifted today. That makes one week. Who bet on one week? Anyone? Not one, not two, but three Cornell fraternities have been suspended by Cornell this month. First it was Psi Upsilon, then Lambda Chi, and now Sigma Pi. From an Ithaca Journal report: "The Cornell chapter of Sigma Pi fraternity has been put on interim suspension because of credible allegations of hazing, the university Office of Fraternities, Sororities and Independent Living announced Friday." 

While this marks the third fraternity suspended in less than three weeks, it is curious to note each one was suspended for a different reason. Psi Upsilon was suspended for allegations of “illicit substance” use, and Lambda Chi was suspended due to a reported rape that occurred at its temporary residence. Both of these suspensions have been lifted by the University, though Lambda Chi is barred from all social activities and hosting guests.

It might be appropriate to start placing bets on how many days it will take the University to reverse Sigma Pi’s suspension. Five? Ten? Or is this case a serious one in which the University actually fielded a proper investigation and gathered credible evidence before dictating a suspension?

Also, Cunooz offered some bright satire on the whole matter of Cornell’s off and on again relationship with suspending campus fraternities: Cornell University Suspended For Hazing Fraternities.

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  1. David Breznick // February 23, 2015 at 4:14 pm //

    The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments* do not apply within the boundaries of college campuses. If they did, then the NYCLU would be there, filing lawsuits and demanding injunctions.

    *due process rights

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