Before you flash your concealed carry permit…

After CSU student John Wahlberg did a class presentation on the merits of concealed carry in light of recent school violence, his [lily-white liberal professor] Paula Anderson called the cops — because apparently just mentioning guns and second amendment rights in the context of an academic study makes one a potential homicidal maniac. Wahlberg was questioned by police and asked to provide lists of all firearms he owned. Being a legal gun-owner and all, this wasn’t a problem, and he apparently hasn’t suffered any legal troubles. His course grade on the other hand…well, one can only imagine how that might work out! 🙂

Naturally, the University police and the Professor are refusing to comment.

Be careful what you choose to talk about in class!

2 Comments on Before you flash your concealed carry permit…

  1. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t even have to have a gun in your possession to “brandish a firearm” in the legal sense. All you have to do is give another person the heebiejeebies about a gun.

  2. Earl Hammer & cb29: I find this outrageous but so real! If you look up Ted Nugent’s beliefs on rights to own weapons, you will find mine so similar.

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