Diversity Training: A failed system

Source: The Inclusion Solution, http://www.theinclusionsolution.me/a-point-of-view-is-diversity-training-enough/

Student-elected trustee Dustin Liu said it best, when he called out fraternities, sororities, and other organisations across campus for creating unnecessary stress and sleep deprivation amongst a large percentage of the freshman student population.

Then, they were forced to undergo nearly 10 hours worth of “diversity training” and “hazing prevention presentations”, in addition to the material already presented during orientation.

Plot twist: forcing new members of Greek organisations to undergo hours of unnecessary additional education is hazing.

Diversity education has been proven time and time again to not work, yet Cornell University has been pressured by the actions of a few irresponsible individuals into creating ridiculous burdens on its undergraduate population. One of the tenets of diversity training is to not label individuals for their race, appearance, or associations.

Labelling members of Greek life as potential wrong-doers is discrimination. Forcing them through pointless and ineffective education is wrong.

I call upon the administration to review their “diversity programs”, eliminate those which have no proven results, and reduce the burden they impose on their busy students.

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