Drugs: Love to Treat Them With Caution

Above: Credit, The New York Times

I urge Cornell Daily Sun Editor Christian Baran to reconsider his dangerous article that in my view attempts to brand illegal drugs as cool and interesting. Mr. Baran anonymous quotes students in his research for an article which has the potential to do serious harm to the Cornell community.

Mr. Baran was mistaken when he put nicotine and alcohol into the same category as cannabis. While many will argue that marijuana is not harmful and should be decriminalised or legalised, the fact remains that the drug is illegal at the federal level in the United States. In many countries such as Singapore, the possession of cannabis can even lead to the death penalty. And woe behold the Cornell athlete, cadet or intern caught in a drug test. While I am not prejudiced against those who use cannabis, I am concerned about those who may read these shoddy arguments and potentially make a decision that could cost them their career, their reputation, or even their life.

Another anonymous freshman is quoted that LSD can make you “take control of your own perception”. This is a incredibly senseless and insensitive quote considering the recent attempted sexual assault by a Cornell student under the influence of LSD. Should anyone consider trying LSD, I strongly urge you to ignore the advice written in the Daily Sun and refuse the drug. If you cannot resist the urge, only take a limited quantity in the presence of those you trust in the worst-case scenario.

Jenkem is also discussed in the article, and oddly enough made to sound less disgusting than it actually is by mentioning that human excrement in the drug can be replaced with cat urine. The fact that Mr. Baran could publish this urban legend in a newspaper such as the Daily Sun is disconcerting.

Mr. Baran, please do more research on this subject, or talk with me, or anyone else, with a different perspective to understand other views and experiences regarding this charged topic. I strongly urge you and readers of the Daily Sun to exercise caution and use drugs responsibly, if you do decide to use them at all.

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