Dutta doesn’t deserve it

Source: Poets & Quants, https://poetsandquants.com/2018/01/31/cornell-b-school-dean-abruptly-resigns/

One week ago, Provost Michael Kotlikoff announced the surprise resignation of Soumitra Dutta, dean of the SC Johnson College of Business. This announcement came without any indication, and was simply reported publicly with an email to College of Business students and faculty.

Ever since the announcement, there has been calls by many, including the Cornell Daily Sun, for the reasons for the resignation. Allegations and rumours abound, including what seems to be the most popular idea that he was implicated in some sort of sexual misconduct.

Not only are these rumours baseless, but they are dangerous. Men (and women) have had their lives and careers destroyed due to allegations of sexual misconduct, especially during the height of the #Metoo movement which has perpetuated a culture of female victimhood. There is no reason to indicate that Dutta has been involved in any misconduct, especially as it has been indicated he will remain as a professor at Cornell.

Whether it is for personal or professional reasons, Dutta has the right of privacy, and it is not the responsibility of the press to question his rationale or demand answers, for the simple sake of curiosity.

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  1. We want the truth!!!

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