Fox News Host Kimberly Guilfoyle to Speak at Cornell on 2016 Election

"A Fair and Balanced Approach to Politics" is the event title

Image via Fox News

The Cornell University College Republicans will host Fox News co-host of The Five Kimberly Guilfoyle on April 12 at 6:15 pm in Call Auditorium.
The event is titled “A Fair and Balanced Approach to Politics” and according to a press release Guilfoyle will speak about “interpreting politics and the news in an objective manner.” Special attention will be given to the 2016 presidential elections, according to the statement.
Prior to her work on Fox News, where she is also a legal analyst on The O’Reilly Factor and political analyst on Hannity, Guilfoyle served as an assistant district attorney in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Before Fox News, she worked at CNN and CourtTv, and was the first lady of San Francisco in 2003.
In recent semesters, the Cornell Republicans have hosted Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Charles Krauthammer, and many other prominent figures in politics and media.

4 Comments on Fox News Host Kimberly Guilfoyle to Speak at Cornell on 2016 Election

  1. David Breznick // April 4, 2016 at 7:08 pm //

    Kim used to be married to Gavin Newsom (former mayor of San Francisco, current lieutenant governor of California, and future governor of California (after Jerry Brown)). I thought that was interesting.

  2. Ms Guilfoyle purportedly will be talking about “reporting politics and the news in an objective manner”. Perhaps an astute Cornell student will ask her if stating that the horror of Hillary being president keeps her up at night is part of that objectivity. Or how her never ending Benghazi bashing or trashing of President Obama enhances her objectivity and credibility. If that’s not enough fodder, ask her how her gravitas is increased by enhanced cleavage and stiletto heels.

  3. I appreciate the cliche that universities should bring in guest speakers from a broad spectrum of views, including views many in the audience might thoughtfully disagree with. But that is no excuse to bring in a speaker who claims and pretends to be a News person who clearly is not. If Guilfoyle wants to claim she is an Infotainment professional, fine, but she does not accept that description.
    Many sources, including former Fox News employee Joe Muto, reveal that the Fox workforce chuckles at the lie of “Fair and Balanced” as much as non-Republicans do.

    • Totally agree. Her only content competency is in legal matters. Even in her only field of expertise,she practised law only 7.5 yrs and used that to build a tv commentor role for past 13 yrs. The Fox formula is to create a news sorority filled with beautiful intelligent women, often provocatively dressed. Their backgrounds in “journalism” are often as skimpy as their dresses. Ms Guilfoyle fits the category of Fox News Personality, not journalist. She constantly derides liberals and beats the drums of war. Not surprising she is a Trump supporter as she once said she wished Vladimir Putin could be President for a day. She has no business talking about fairness and balance in journalism standards. If the Cornell students are interested in $1000 Christian Louboutin shoes,she is totally qualified to speak and model their virtue.

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