Is Cornell #ReadyforHillary? Take a Wild Guess

I shouldn't have to answer that one for you.

Swipe right for a fling you'll surely regret.

There’s really no need to delve into the overwhelming support for the Democrats’ heir apparent–a coronation eight years in the making–displayed at Cornell and in Ithaca. Even Cornell’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Robert Harrison, is all in for the Clinton machine–he’s the Clinton Global Initiative’s CEO. (By the way, the Clinton Global Initiative is just as defunct and crony-ridden as the Clinton State Department.)

We have to wonder why there’s all this support, though. Don’t Cornellians like progress, innovation, new ways of thinking, expanding horizons? Usually, yes, but none of those words describe their idolized candidate. For the past 20 years, from Hillarycare to Benghazi to the “lost” emails, what has Hillary Clinton have to show for herself?

Chaos in Libya? Acting as a women’s rights advocate while accepting donations from Saudi Arabia? Acting as an economic populist while cozying up with Wall Street’s biggest leaders? 

With Hillary Clinton, it’s either failure, hypocrisy, or lies.

Well, I guess there’s no need to be so hard on her. After all, she’s faced serious hardship in the recent past. After her husband’s presidency, the Clintons were “dead broke” and struggled to pay for their “mortgages for houses” and private school for their daughter.

Maybe her total inability to relate to Americans outside of the D.C. Beltway and high-level donor class is because she can’t get around. After all, she hasn’t driven a car since 1996.

Clearly, Hillary Clinton has demonstrated her inability to relate to average Americans. She has precluded herself from claiming any expertise in foreign policy, and her populist economic policy can’t be trusted. Her friendly relations with countries like Saudi Arabia negate her claims that she is fighting for women’s or gay rights.

That doesn’t leave much.

But leave it to Cornell to party like it’s Slope Day.

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  1. Nice try. Many youngsters really don’t know what Ms Clinton has done. This is to be expected as they were infants during the first Clinton administration. They also don’t understand the hatred that she was shown from day one. Similar to the blind hatred shown toward Mr Obama even before he took office. She has been around a long time and has a very extensive record of successes and failures.
    A brief list of her accomplishments: Yale Law School grad. Attorney. Law professor. First first lady to be active politically (maybe Eleanor was first). First first lady to hold an advanced degree. She ran and twice won the US Senate seat representing NY. She was the most traveled Sec of State in US history, restoring US prestige around the globe.
    Throughout the years Ms Clinton has been a vocal supporter of human rights. While first lady she went to Communist China and scolded the Chinese for human rights abuses. She introduced a universal health care plan that was rejected by the GOP Congress. She demanded and got a thorough investigation into the mental problems of troops returning from Gulf War 1, and as a result the Gulf War Syndrome was classified as a condition allowing US soldiers to get help
    In the Senate she was a leader in the Safe Families and Safe Adoptions laws. .Increased NIH funding for prostrate cancer and asthma.. Financial aid for upstate NY small business. Worked with the GOP to correct some of the civil liberty abuses of the “Patriot Act”. Supporter of veteran’s rights. lead the fight for assistance to victims (first responders) after 9/11. Also a supporter of more typical liberal causes like a working wage for workers, assistance for battered women and children, health care availability for children, etc. She did such a good job for NY that she was re-elected with 67% of the vote winning almost every county in the state.
    As Sec of Sate she has used diplomacy to get a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas “war”. Using personal diplomacy rebuilt the bridges to our long time Allies that were burned by the Iraq occupation. Negotiated various trade agreements. Of course, like all Sec of State, she does what Mr Obama wants. That is what the Sec of State does.
    On the down side Clinton believed the Bush administration and voted to authorize military action in Iraq, as a last resort. In foreign policy terms she has been a mild hawk, unlike Mr Obama. She has extensive ties to Wall Street as can be seen by her fundraising abilities. While she supports some reforms she is basically what we used to call a “conservative” when it comes to the financial industry. Some regulation, but not much. She failed to convince Congress (as first Lady) to pass a universal health care bill. Although the GOP alternative plan was largely adopted a few years later and became Obamacare.
    And much more.
    One of the reasons we see vile, personal attacks on Ms Clinton is precisely because the GOP cannot attack her actual record and gain any traction. Their own candidates (apart from Jeb) look like little boys by comparison. While they may not LIKE what she has done, they themselves have accomplished only speeches.
    Is Clinton in bed with Wall Street? yes. Is she a foreign policy hawk ? yes. But so are the GOP candidates. Is she my first choice as POTUS? No. But unless the GOP can find someone of substance I see no alternative. And personal attacks are all they have. her long record of accomplishments and popularity with middle class voters will be hard to overcome by any GOPer, except, maybe Jeb.
    Character assassination won’t work. She has heard it all before.

  2. No not Jeb but Donald… Yes! Despite these accomplishments, her lies and deceit and arrogance were apparent to the majority of the American people and the election results speak volumes.

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