MRM # 11

– The zamboni driver at Lynah will in fact be retiring.

– The new Forbes “America’s Best Colleges 2009” does not deserve its own post and/or analysis. Cornell came in 205th, with ECAC rivals Union (26) and Colgate (29) coming in hundreds of places ahead of Big Red. I know you guys are trying to be different than U.S. News, but c’mon!!


Dubai glamorous as it seems?

– No MRM is complete without Krauthammer’s most recent health care reform proposal.

– A disturbing, yet darkly funny article about a Paraguayan child who turned about to be alive at a wake after being declared dead. Look out for the DailyMail’s informative graphic of Paraguay’s confusing location.

– Another week and George Will continues his assault on the global warming hysteria.

– I’m not a big Twitter fan, but the most recent application of the technology is particularly interesting – John Quincy Adams’ diaries are now being posted online in a pseudo-time-travel blog. After a book, a movie, and now Twitter, seems as if the Adams are the most high-tech founding fathers thus far.

– A must-read article about the shady business police investigation work in Dubai that is targeting and accusing foreign investors and entrepreneurs to take the fall for a sliding economy. The harsh investigation procedures led a frightened ex-French-intelligence businessman to utilize his old skills and escape the country via a complicated underwater scheme.

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  1. my favorite comment on the Forbes list is by username rednetnation:

    To the President of Forbes:
    I’m sorry your son got rejected from Cornell. Cornell was too good for a boy such as your son to get in. Please tell your son to get 1000 points higher on the SAT and then reapply. Then we will talk. The fact that you ranked Cornell outside of 100, when it is ranked in top 15 in every other college list is baffling. Stick to ranking the richest people in the world. No wonder business week and times are considered to be on different level than you are. Do some more research, and please don’t take out your anger of being rejected by Cornell by making up a random ranking. Thank you

  2. That list was a disaster. That comment, on the other hand, is a work of divine genius.

  3. That list was a disaster. That comment, on the other hand, is a work of divine genius.

  4. Well, now I know one magazine I'll never read (not that I was ever going to read Forbes anyway).;…

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