MRM #79

“Operation Ivy League” busts drug ring at Columbia University.

– Cornell Review alum Jamie Weinstein- Deputy Editor of The Daily Caller– interviews the new WaPo conservative blogger.

– Ithaca car thieves finally busted after stealing more than $10,000 worth of valuables over the past two months.

– Cornell Professor Eswar Prasad publishes new book on emerging markets.

– Yale ranked #1 in ice hockey. Cornell was the last Ivy to be ranked #1 back in 2003.

– Cornell goalie Andy Iles tapped for US Junior Team.

– Cornell athletes receive All-Ivy Academic honors.

– MetaEzra weighs in on the Africana move.

–  Cornell CS researchers investigate the relationship between locations of online photos and friendships on social networking sites.

– Cornell Professor Brian Wansink weighs in on why pizza is surviving the recession.

– Professors from Cornell, MIT, and UCL create a map of Britain based on phone call data.

MetaEzra and Ithacating on Bob Saget.