NOWACKI | On College Campuses, ‘Carrying the Weight’ but Not the Gun

Recent Collegetown crimes raise questions about student self-defense

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Guns. Does reading that word make you cringe?
Rape. What about that one?

If you’re a college student reading this, then the latter word should, disproportionally so.

According to a study conducted at a large upstate New York university, published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, nearly one of five students surveyed reported being victim to sexual assault. Victims include members of both sexes, according the Texas Association of Sexual Assault, finding that a staggering 90% of victims are female.

So what are universities like Cornell doing to stop this horrendous tirade, make our campus safer, and assuage our fellow students’ fears of rape and assault?

Well, they’re working hard to suspend due process rights of the accused, and have courageously taken it upon themselves to not involve law enforcement to conduct proper investigations where possible. Instead, students and administrators across the country are caught up in the “carry that weight” campaign and similar showy antics.

Regardless of whether or not he assaulted the female student and regardless of whether or not Cornell is capable of dealing or even obliged to deal with the proliferation of rape on and near campus, what is objectively true, is that studies show nearly 47% of rapes go unreported.

So the university can carry on, claiming to create proactive change in this ensuing epidemic, but what will remain are the staggering figures of unreported assault. No single central authority is going to fix this horror.

Earlier this month, over the weekend of Oct. 8, there were reportedly a pair of similar calls made to campus and local police of a man breaking into female students’ residences in Collegetown and observing them whilst asleep—waiting until they awoke to then flee the scene. A few days after this string of calls were reports of a different incident of a male breaking into a local Collegetown residence and attempting to unclothe a female victim while she slept.

Cornell University Police Department Police Chief Kathy Zoner has since released several statements about the importance of locking dorms and residencies, specifically at night, and asking students to report any leads or other suspicious activity on or near campus.
Perhaps Ms. Zoner should forward this insightful suggestion to Dartmouth College junior, Taylor Woolrich. The Ivy League student made national news this past year after Dartmouth refused to grant her the liberty to carry a concealed weapon despite her right to do so after having been stalked by the same 67 year-old man since the age of 16. Ms. Woolrich reportedly contemplated dropping out of school so that she could better protect herself from her alleged stalker. According to several reports, the 67-year old Richard Bennet was found and arrested last fall near Woolrich’s family home in San Diego, CA after he disguised himself as a landscaper and attempted to solicit services to the Woolrich Family. The man, according to KGTV (San Diego), “was found with a rape kit, consisting of gloves, a flashlight, binoculars and a piece of rope tied into a slip noose.”

Perhaps if Woolrich had just remembered to lock her door, this guy would eventually have just given up and left her alone.
This is the asinine rationale of the political left when it comes to anything regarding the Second Amendment. They claim that the proliferation of guns leads to increased violence and increased crime. Meanwhile, there are young women like Taylor Woolrich, and the 47% of college-aged young adults who continue are assaulted (or face certain harm), without any protection from centralized authority or any ability to protect themselves from the wrath of their assailants. Why wait until after our peers are raped and assaulted on campus, and around the country for that matter, to bring justice to the scum of the Earth who commit such heinous acts?

The overwhelming majority of the over 4,400 college campuses across the country either ban guns on campus or are required to under state law, yet there is a disproportional level of rapes/sexual assaults per capita on campus compared with the nation as a whole. When will the silent majority—people like/with the views of Taylor Woolrich—put an end to this madness and support the rapidly growing Campus Carry movement? And how many more assaults on our friends and loved ones are necessary for campus administrators to realize that no resolution or awareness campaign is going to stop savage criminal acts.

But I guess campus administrators and state legislators are all fine and well with continuing to ban firearms on college campuses, since everyone else’s evil guns aren’t around to assault anyone. And hey, why even bother locking your doors at night, because the guns aren’t there to sneak in and shoot ya’.

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  1. David Breznick // October 26, 2015 at 8:41 pm //

    Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

  2. All the great reassurances of administrators and police will not save anyone from a determined killer. You and only you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim. It is up to you to implement intelligent protection from these monsters with 2A protection. You need to contact your congressmen before some maniac comes to your school.

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