‘The League’ is Tinder for the Ivy League

Are you a single, lonely Ivy League student or graduate? Well, not for long, because there's now a Tinder-esque app exclusively for Ivy Leaguers and similar types, or as the app itself puts it: the "smart, good-looking & successful." It's called, of course, The League.

Keep it Classy San Diego, er, Ithaca.

Really, the app isn’t exclusively for Ivy League students and alumni. The app’s developer, Amanda Bradford, attended Carnegie Mellon for undergrad and received her MBA from Stanford this year.

The League works more or less like the popular dating app Tinder, where users are matched with fellow users in the area and have the choice to slide left or right depending on whether or not you are interested in the person you matched with.

Whereas anyone with a smartphone can join Tinder, The League actually profiles and background checks you before you can join. Not only do you have to log in using your Facebook account, you have to hook up your LinkedIn account, too. The LinkedIn information works twofold: first, so that matches can look at your business background, and, second, so that you are never matched with anyone who works at the same firm as you.

“You’ll never have to wonder if that Cornell hottie is too good to be true on The League.”

If you were looking to download The League and start hitching up other “successful” and “popular” people, catch your breath: The wait list to use the app is over 5,000 people.