On Zeta Beta Tau: Hate the sin, not the sinner

Source: "Kappa Zeta Beta Tau at Cornell" https://www.kappazbt.org

With the now nationally covered news of the indiscretions of a few members of Zeta Beta Tau, there have been a firestorm of reactions throughout campus and throughout the country. For those who are unaware, certain members of ZBT were involved in a disgusting, senseless game called a “pig roast” where they competed to have sex with overweight women.

There is reason to be disgusted and disappointed by this behaviour, but to call for actions such as shutting down the fraternity, or even eliminating the Greek system all-together are immature and unconstructive. This event was in no way officially sanctioned by any Greek organisation, and only happened to be made by a few immature boys who happened to be part of the same group.

There is no doubt that Zeta Beta Tau has suffered enough in light of the actions of a small number of its brothers, even without any sanctions from the IFC or from the university. According to sources on campus, sororities have eliminated all plans of social events with ZBT, and there is no doubt that this event will likely define the chapter for years to come.

Nobody is questioning the moral turpitude of the “pig roast”, but enough damage has been done to this organisation, which has otherwise done much good as one of the few traditionally Jewish fraternities. Calling for eliminating the Greek system as a reaction to the egregious actions of a few is equivalent to the actions of the offenders at ZBT; insulting and immature.

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